Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caja Booth: One of a Kind Show NYC

Here I am cracking out at Pier 94.
How crazy to be on the other side of things?  
Usually I am showing up for these trade events after everything is settled and sugar coated. 
Walking from booth to booth feasting on their candies and cupcakes.
Talking business with designers.
The madness that goes into these trade shows is intense.  
Especially when you are like me, and you convince yourself you are working within a 10x10 space when in actuality it is a 10x5 space.
Below is a series of shots detail and full of the booth I designed for designer Caja.

Since they were showing in the etsy pavilion and walls cost extra (the show already costs an arm and a leg.  I mean, you have to pay someone $100 an hour to plug in your lights...something about the union.)  it was my job to create a barrier.  Or at least that's what I wanted to do.  I thought, how cool would it be to get logs and display some of the process Juan uses when cutting the silver.  Cut wood, cut silver?  eh?  Get it?
The logs on the right act as a wall, coupled with the wood panel divider.
The metal cabinet on the left acts as the second wall.
All in all, making this a warm and inviting little space.
I brought a chalkboard that sat way to high and didn't look proper in the booth so I had this extra piece of wood that worked perfect with the theme of this booth.

  I had their cards out in 2 places, one here by checkout, and the other one by the mailing list.

This was an idea I had at the last minute while I was packing everything up to take to the pier.
How adorable.  A typewriter with their info in between the mailing list and the business card?

For a FREE PASS to the One of a Kind show follow this link and enter in ECP Friend.