Monday, January 4, 2010

'Alice in Wonderland' Trailer

The movie I am most excited to see this year has recently released a new trailer.
I wasn't sure I could actually get any more excited about this movie, yet, alas-
Here we get glimpses of just how much of a badass Crispin Glover is.
In the words of Kitsune,
"I hope he doesn't say anything in the movie, just fights people."
The opposing Queens with their army of cards and chess pieces.
The CGI in this movie looks epic, I love the cartoon quality this world has morphed into.
We also get a glimpse of what I think is the Jabberwocky, which if you are familiar with Through the Looking Glass your childhood was probably haunted with this creepy drooling monster.
(To be honest, that is the only Alice I am familiar with--I have never seen the Disney version.)