Thursday, January 21, 2010

Furry Object 2.0

Furry Object 2.0
The Modern Amulet

THE MODERN AMULET is a collection of USB keys. It is part one of my two concepts for Kopenhagen Fur's competition; The Golden Fur Neadle. The project can bee seen as a continuity of my MA project Deviated Evolution where I worked with the relationship between humans and their portable electronics, and the lack of emotional appeal these products provide. With The Modern Amulet I have tried to balance the emotional value between the information we carry and the objects we use to carry them.

Den Gyldne Pelsnål
Kopenhagen Fur, 2009

Not only do I love this for the sheer fact that I have this weird obsession with dead animals, but the description of the idea behind it is what makes me swoon. It is a really interesting concept. Trying to give a heartbeat to something lifeless.