Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spring Preview:

I am pooped out. I don't understand how shows wear you down so much, but they do--everytime.
Miss Baker and myself had a surprisingly successful trip to the Accessories Show today. I say surprisingly because it is usually like looking for a needle in a haystack at this show, but if you got the eye, hey--you got the eye. And, schucks---
we got the eye!
This Spring at Old Hollywood I'm rocking a bit of the bohemian thing. But less Portland hippy, more edgy Brooklyn hippy. Cause lets face it, nobody REALLY likes a hippy.
I have some beautiful thin leather studded wrap bracelets, these incredible beaded belts and bracelets with wood buckles. Big Enameled flowers, wood and shell, and beaded cocktail rings.
And from San Diego Hat Co. expect some over-sized straw hats for park chillin', and beach combing. These hats scream the south and are just super sophisticated. Just being in their booth made me feel like I was some place with a sand pale.
I am ready for some sandals---and I don't even care, I am totally rocking ankle bracelets this summer.
Expect this stuff to drop mid March and April.