Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bailey Hunter Robinson

I am in the process of getting my new tattoo together (it's gonna be AMAZING) and I came to realize that my tattooer, Bailey, has a blog.
He is really just the best there is. Hands down some of the best color. There's nothing more to it. So if you need an amazing tattoo by a true artist, not someone who is just trying to be a tattooer visit him here.
(I honestly think he could care less about tattooing which makes him even more rad.)
So don't go to that guy you know who did that one thing on your boyfriend cheap--- this stuff is permanent!
---oh and he collects antiques, and sells them in this shop on Broadway.

And if you aren't in the market now or don't have the money, don't worry---I have linked him in the new re-decoration of my sidebar area thing (if that's what you call it).