Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greenpoint & Our Beloved G Train

I actually just wanted to take a moment to vent on here, which is something I seldom, if ever do. I was talking to Sheena over at The Uniform Project last night and she was asking about the shop since she lives in Greenpoint and hadn't been in for a bit (because she is wearing only donated accessories and one dress for a year to raise money to put kids in India in school----LOVE THIS GIRL). I was telling her of the (sigh) trials of being a business owner--managing your life, your store, your employees, your jewelry, plus trying to build some kind of respectable portfolio---all while trying to live in the most expensive place EVER. There are times when I feel overwhelmed and want to throw the towel in, like it is hopeless to try and do something different in Greenpoint.

When you feel like all the odds are against you...lousy foot traffic. Crazy Scaffolding and INSANE construction projects directly in front of your door for over a year...I'm talking bulldozers, porta-potties, storage containers...the WORKS. When I am just getting used to the idea of being in the construction zone of HELL the G train stops working on the weekends... the busiest shopping days. And we have a lot of people who travel from the city to visit Old Hollywood.

Okay, okay kids...we've heard it all before.

Don't ride the G train. But some of us HAVE to! It is the only train line in this neighborhood, I am MUCH closer to the L than others, but it is still a 15-20 minute walk...and I feel for the people who live past Greenpoint Ave. What? Big whoop, right? The G train isn't running for 7 weekends. Well, yeah...okay...the business can suffer for 7 weekends, no big deal. I mean, we have TONS of money, right? But then Sheena tells me that the new news is that they are shutting the line down all together.
So this has me asking the same question as the gothamist, is a slow G train better than no G train?
Here's The Sargasm's characteristic take:

I finished a crossword, had a full-length conversation with my mom, painted my nails, updated all of my social networking sites, ate a sandwich, made a friend, gave him a bight of my sandwich, tried a new variation on tying my shoe laces, became religious, brushed up on current tragedies, practiced my french, practiced my Jack Nicholson, and took a nap before you decided to grace us with your presence. Thanks for showing me what it was like to be schizophrenic and homeless.

For me, and I have always said this-- as much as it sucks to wait for the G train, I am from LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY, where I never in my life owned a car. That's right. I was
that girl. Living in fake ass city with no car. I didn't NEED one, at least that is what I told myself. I rode my bike or my skateboard everywhere, (trying to be urban) and when that failed...I was mostly on the TARC bus (Transit Authority of River City). What TARC means is on Saturdays and Sundays a bus will come every hour and 20 minutes, (if you could find a bus stop) so you bet your ass you were either REAL early or REAL late on those days, and during peak hours every 25 minutes and off hours about 45. And since it was my idea to NOT have a car and I am the most stubborn person on the face of the earth I seldom asked people for rides. So you can imagine how much I LOVE living in a city where none of you fools have cars! And if one of you does-I'll ask you for a ride. After all, I am older and wiser now.

The point of all this rambling is, Stop acting spoiled. I would rather have a G train that comes every, oh, say...30 minutes and know the schedule (my iphone is awesome and tells me when trains and buses come) ---and it does generally during peak hours come a bit more often than that, than no G train at all. And this doesn't just affect residents and businesses of Greenpoint, it affects residents and businesses in Park Slope and Clinton Hill.

I have tried to find some news on the G shutting down but couldn't find anything right away, and I am impatient on the computer, so maybe you guys have some news? Sheena said it won't go into full affect for probably a year, but if she is right, this is a BIG deal for me.