Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hot Chip: Music Hall of Williamsburg

On February 6 I got to see one of my favorite musical groups, Hot Chip. My friend Alex (OTT) and myself have an almost creepy and not cool obsession with them. So when he told me he had all access OG hook-ups for the show, I naturally, almost lost my !@#$. He does sound and manages The French Horn Rebellion---which if you don't know---you should, because I posted about them ages ago. These kids are gonna blow up. They have amazing stage presence together and have these little antics between one another, and they are totally kinda nerdy and awkward in the best possible way.
So, back to Hot Chip. I hadn't been to a show for a band that I loved so much in ages, so I was so excited that I started to cry. I couldn't help it! They are all so individually gifted musicians. For real. And the contrast of their voices is perfect.
Perfect I tell you. Go ahead and love on some Hot Chip now. I mainly took video that night, and unfortunately none came out.
Oh and by the way- nothing makes a show better than getting free beer from a cooler in a dressing room, private bathroom, and place to keep your crap so you don't lose it...
I lose everything.