Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr. Brainwash

I went to the opening of this show on Valentine's Day---a couple of my pals helped hang and build out some of the installations so we got to hang out for a bit and drink wine after they kicked everyone out. I didn't get to meet him though---he was being interviewed-but it was so amazing that I went again yesterday, with the Aussie and Kate.
I had seen some of his work before at this gallery in SoHo I stumbled across last summer on accident, and just love his style.
This is his ICONS show-and it's 15.000 square feet of art and installations. I really LOVED this show---he obviously loves music, and that was my favorite part. The Pink Floyd mixed media piece---I guess that's what you'd call it? I mean, it's not a's records. Anyhow-brought back those fond Floyd obsessed days of middle school-that book report I wrote in 9th grade, and the gorgeousness of David Gilmore.
This Chaplin reminded me that I need to watch one of his movies all the way through.
I shot the following pics of my favorites to show you.
What makes me really respect this guy though, is that he conquers all the forms. He makes large sculptures, silk screens, paints (redoes some classics with his own spin pretty dang good), spray paints...and the furniture he chose for the show is perfectly suited to the aesthetic his work radiates. All 60's Eames style furniture place around in various places creating little sitting rooms to chill in the dim lit room and listen to jazz while soaking all this inspiration in.
It's stuff like this that makes me feel like I am not creating enough.

Go see this ish!
415 W 13 @ Washington
(Meat Packing District)
Mon-Thurs 12-9
Fri & Sat 12-12
Sun 12-7

It's free, and there are tons of free postcards with different pieces on them and posters.
It's fun. Bring a bottle of wine, and chill in those chairs.