Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Inspiration Board.

My next shoot at Root is going to be epic. The last shoot I am doing before I shoot in London, and start the process of getting an agent. My good friends James Chang and Pj Spaniol offered to light it and produce the shoot for me. The reason this is so great is because I have complete creative control over this project.
The main idea is a masquerade story--I have always wanted to have a proper masquerade ball since I was a little girl of 7 and obsessed with the Labyrinth. The scene when she has eaten the peach and is in the masquerade---it is the perfect combination of surreal beauty and creepy. That's what I am going with. I think I am going to do a mixture of vintage burlesque with fancy gowns and I am making all the masks. Pretty much copying Valentino Haute Couture masks from September Italian Vogue and feather masks like Natasha Lawes.

As far as set goes, I am building a corner set dividing the wall in half with stained wood paneling (it will look like maple) and trim on the bottom half and the top half will be this wallpaper. I am setting up a seperate wall with just wallpaper to shoot individual portraits on. I really like what Lucia Holm did with the frame and the wallpaper in the back. Need to tweek this idea and make it mine.
Furnishings will be simple yet elegant. I am going to have so much going on with the models, the set can only enhance it and not take away from it. I am shooting 3 models and 3 of my adorable boyfriends standing in as background.

The lighting is Old Hollywood inspired like this photo shot for the Lorick lookbook.
This is what I am working on. Gotta go make some damn masks now.