Friday, February 26, 2010

night table

I have a really big railroad apartment. there is this awesome huge room up front with a bay window that I tried to make into my bedroom, but the traffic noise kept waking me up. so alas, I opted to make what was my library nook into my bedroom. it is tiny and cozy, and perfect. thought I would show you my night table, which literally is right next to my bed. I have a ton of jewelry, but this is where I keep the pieces I wear the most, and the artwork of the bird is by Bailey.

Here's a list of the pictured jewelry that you can find in the shop:
14pt stag ring
Bow Necklace
Herkimer Diamond Necklace
Seahorse Necklace
Spoon Necklace
Brooklyn Necklace
Watch Necklace
Sheriff Badge