Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiny details

And I mean, TINY.
My bathroom is approx. 3'x 3' so I put off this room until the rest of my apartment was finished. Just finished this about a month ago, I will be posting before pics later, being super lazy right now. I mean, it is so small I can't even take pictures far away. I had to stand on the toilet for all of these except for one.
There wasn't even anywhere I could feasibly put a shelf for towels so I ended up hanging a chair up really high IN the shower. Sometimes you gotta think outside the box.

And I finally found a place for those handmade AND signed pliers I found a few months ago at the Chelsea Flea Market. They are smack dab above the shower head. And they are certainly iron.
Don't worry, they're secure.

I got a really old steel medicine cabinet that was painted white some time ago and is chipped all over off of ebay. You can't see it in the picture, but it looks perfect. On top I am storing lots of various toiletries and cotton balls in old jars.

I also thought it was a good idea to put my shampoos and body washes in old maple syrup jars. It looks awesome but they are heavy and I always have to be extra cautious when picking them up, who wants broken glass in the shower?
Oh well, that was obviously an afterthought.