Friday, March 19, 2010

Muppets on the Runway

Okay, okay, so there weren't actually muppets on the runway during Spring Fashion Week, but as Refinery 29 points out, it seems our furry friends were definitely the inspiration behind at least a few looks.

Above, from left: Peter Som fall '10, image via, Cookie Monster, image via Blogs 4 Brownback.

Above, from left: Alberta Ferreti fall '10, image via; Sam the Eagle from The Muppets, image via

Above, from left: Osman fall '10, image via; Sweetums from The Muppets, image via Wikia.

Above, from left: Valentino pre-fall '10, image via; Red from Fraggle Rock, image via H0rk.

Whether you're looking for that Miss Piggy look, or feeling the Animal in you, stop in the store for a great selection of vintage furs! (Because honestly, who wears new fur these days? It's so passé!)