Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outfits Under $75

We are having a giant sale right now.
This also includes a nice selection of shoes, belts, silk scarves, and bags.
Also The Wild Unknown and Erin Templeton are 20% off.

I thought I would put together some outfits for ya'll to give you an idea of how ridiculous it is over here. And the clothes aren't just winter, I have drug out a bunch of old stock.
(jewelry pictured is not on sale)

Wool Mini Skirt: $20
Teal Top: $9
Silk Scarf: $30
Outfit: $59

Lavender London Fog Trench: $30
1960's Floral Dress: $39.50
Outfit: $69.50

Wool Plaid Jumper: $22.50
Maroon Cowl Neck Shirt: $21
Leather Belt: $22.50
Outfit: $66

Paisley Dress: 14
Over-sized Cashmere Blend Cardigan: $24
Leather Belt: $22.50
Outfit: $45.50