Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rustic Charm

I spent Saturday upstate at an old turn of the century farmhouse estate shooting a multimedia piece for XXXX Magazine. This place has the potential to be incredible with lots of teamwork (or money). There was a stone fountain and stairway leading up to the entryway. An old well house with a stargazing deck. An overlook. A chicken coup, a barn, a kidney shaped in-ground pool. It even had the stone by the drive-way that the woman would step onto to get into the carriages. The house itself had too many stairways, porches, and balconies to count.

All day long I teetered about barefoot, climbed the perfect tree, watched the sunset on the outlook, gazed at the stars, and wished I had a retreat away from the hectic city. Cause when it comes down to brass tacks, I am a Kentucky gal who spent her youth in the soybean farms and forests of Mt. Washington. The tomboy who had an exclusive tree club that only the best spitters could be a member of. The one who raised caterpillars, and saved spiders. I even had a water beetle that lived for a time in my My Little Pony baby blue treasure chest. The point is, I like being outside. Deep down I am a tree-hugging, mountain bike riding, teva strapping, Alex Grey loving bonafied hippy.

And I need a country home. So while I am working on rounding up my crew to go in on a foreclosed home upstate (so I can garden), I leave you to dream with me about this house Elizabeth Knight showed us on Apartment Therapy featuring Stephen Ellwood and Todd Carr's enchanting 1900 fieldstone farmhouse in Cornwalville, NY.
(Corn-wal-ville. What a place.)

After five years of looking for the right place, the Greenpoint-based duo has spent the last two years fixing up the house of their dreams. They stayed true to the rustic simplicity of the house and restored original details covered over by previous owners - like pine and oak floorboards hidden under layers of linoleum, carpet, tar paper and sub flooring.

Looking to the natural beauty of the surrounding woods for inspiration, Stephen and Todd's minimalist decor highlights the architectural beauty of the house and speaks to the era in which it was built, drawing heavily on wood, stone and vegetation set against white washed walls (removing wallpaper was one of their many DIY projects).

Their cozy abode houses treasures like a wood burning fireplace and copper-lined tub, and details reminiscent of our aesthetic over here at Old Hollywood, like oil burning lanters (not pictured). If that doesn't say romantic, I don't know what does.