Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blue Bottle Coffee

I paid a visit to Blue Bottle last weekend (just opened in Williamsburg) and was absolutely blown away at the design.
I am in no means a coffee connoisseur, which considering how much I've been talking about coffee lately maybe I should think about switching professions...
but this place is insane. Cold drip iced coffee and the slow drippers! I need them in my apartment! (I am totally gonna track some down)
It's a really nice experience, and the coffee is really great as well, which it could taste like garbage and I would still drink it because their process is so neat!

(This is a row of individually slow dripped coffees.)

Like most coffee spots, Blue Bottle Coffee will offer espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and mochas. There will also be New Orleans-style cold drip iced coffee, a drip bar where coffee is made one cup at a time, “nel drip” coffee made with flannel filters imported from Japan, and single-origin espresso pulled on a vintage San Marco Leva. (Which James Freeman, the owner, calls “the most expensive $200 machine in the world” because of all the labor that went into restoring it.)

Just those options rank Blue Bottle Coffee among the most ambitious coffee bars in New York.

But then there are the show-stoppers — five Japanese slow-drippers, each three feet tall, that look like a Victorian aristocrat’s science experiment. The wood and brass frames support stacked glass globes and adjustable nozzles that mete out liquid at 88 drops per minute.---courtesy Diner's Journal