Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brooklyn Apartment: For Boys Who Make Stuff.

I am going to start sharing my friend's humble abodes with you.
First up is a nice flat with a basement 4 of my dudes reside in.
Here we have Jonathan (my right hand man, my brother from another mother) Irons who has been working tirelessly with me on the new space at Limelight Marketplace.
He does carpentry and is a bad-ass actor.
Matt Tyson who builds and designs eco-friendly furniture for his company, EcoSystems (and is totally an adorable LL Bean Signature type of Man BTW).
Ben Bryant, the uber fashionable industrial designer.
And lastly Brian Green the architect carpenter extraordinaire who was so kind to design my case renderings.

Most of these photos are taken in the living room and in Jonathan's room.
The space is riddled with chemistry beakers holding dish soap and...flowers (this addition brought over by yours truly for the beautiful Liz on her birthday). Awesome door hinges salvaged from a car engine, an incredible sofa Jonny made and reupholstered out of vintage chairs and leather. Pretty much everything in their apartment is salvaged and re-purposed. Because we all know, hardly anything is really trash if you have an imagination and an ounce of creativity.
Rooms laden with old cart wheels, antique hammers, and clamps. And not to mention the amazing book set Chris recently featured on Remember Paper. I mean, there were so many things I wanted to take pictures of it was getting ridiculous.
Their apartment makes me really proud to have these boys (to men) as my friends.
Not only are they all cute as all hell, but crafty, hard-working, creative, and stylish.
(Look at the LOVE you guys just got!)
Way to go team win!