Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flux Work Studio: Aka 'The Lab'.

As you can imagine, I have a lot of friends who make some jewelry.
(yes, nice way for me to state the obvious, I know this) but the point is this:
My good friend has an AMAZING jewelry studio.
This place is perfect if you are a Manhattan or Brooklyn jewelry designer looking for a place to work because you don't have the space or funds for your own tools.
The designers there are not only insanely talented, but just incredible people to know.
Flux Works is conveniently located on Driggs and N. 7th, right by the L train so picking and dropping jewels off to my lovely finisher there, is easy breezy. And the atmosphere there is so perfect.
Old wooden tables, tree stumps, torches and TOOLS!
I love the lab.
And if you are a jewelry designer, you will too.
Check out their new blog to find out ways in which you can become a better designer, learn about new trends in the field, new designers, techniques, and just some local happenings in the field written by other independents like ourselves.