Monday, April 12, 2010

Building it Green.

Limelight is only a few weeks away from opening so I have gathered a team of wonderfuls, Johnny Irons (carpentry) and Brian Green (architect) to help me with my idea.
The environment and being conscious of where our materials are coming from is really important to us. That is why 95% of all the products I sell at Old Hollywood are eco-friendly and when Johnny and I are looking for props, fixtures, and wood for the new space in Limelight, we go to places like BIG!NYC and The Green Depot.

In 2008 BIG!NYC
  • Kept 450 tons of building materials of out the landfill.
  • Provided $250,000 of material support to other non-profit and arts organizations.
  • Saved New Yorkers nearly $1 million on purchases.
  • Provided a site for 120 green collar trainees in partnership with CWE.
They need to post some stats for 2009! So stoked to know about this place.
Seriously a dream. Isles of old doors, windows, wood, paneling, decorative chair frames, legs, and table tops. Even some really cool old tools, wheels, suitcases, frames, and other randoms if you don't mind getting a little dirty.

The Green Depot specializes in not only recycled building supplies but a vast array of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paints, lighting and drywalls.
Their list of projects is impressive.

Stay tuned for more updates on our new space in the Big Apple.