Monday, April 19, 2010

LL Bean Signature: Like a Man.

So, I found myself drooling over the LL Bean Signature men (ahem, I mean collection) the other day.
Such a nice collection.
I found myself wondering if these types of men even exist in New York?
Like, you might have great style, but can you chop my firewood?
(If you know what I mean)
A good man is hard to come by, and I refuse to go to Maine, or Colorado, or Kentucky to find one who not only has the swag but works hard like a man.
The best part about falling in love with an LL Bean catalogue is realizing that one of your friends is their model, and is not only taken, but taken by another man.
Another man who epitomizes LL Bean: Guatemala.

(This is said man friend.)

**UPDATE: I just spoke to said friend and the hot blonde model's name is Tripp, and I love him.
So, Tripp, you wanna play house?
( get this done.)