Monday, April 5, 2010

Music Monday.

I think you can tell it was a rather rainy beginning of last week.
On these particularly gloomy days I found that listening to The Essential Charlie Parker actually made me enjoy the fact that it was raining.
If you are a fan of jazz music and don't own this record, you shouldn't ever admit that. Just go to itunes now, and buy it.

She is actress/singer Zooey DesChanel, and he is singer songwriter M. Ward (have you guys heard the Monsters of Folk record?) . I really love this album. It's sweet and sad, and not once do you feel like she only made an album because of who she is. She actually has the talent to back it up. I love 'thieves', 'in the sun', and 'lingering still'. The entirety of the album reeks of heart-break but it is done with such a mix of folky 60's pop that it isn't obnoxious at all.

Devendra Banhart makes me smile every-time I think of him.
I almost feel like he's an old friend of mine. It's weird. Maybe that comes off a little creepy. But it's true. I feel like I know this guy. He's manic and creative. This album is definitely his attempt at a more "user friendly" album, but it is still strung with the multi-lingual, acoustic, drug-ridden myths I love best.

I really love Canada. They have great fashion. Great music. Free Healthcare. Yay Canada. And this album, Family from Think About Life is strong all the way through. They have great instrumentation-the album opens strong with a great trumpet and orchestra buildup. The album is hipster friendly with dance-able songs like Sweet Sixteen and The Wizzzard, but my personal favorite, Nueva, Nueva their ode to New York,
"New York City/ you must take me/ as your lover? My what a horrible place to be/My what a wonderful place to be."