Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Designers: Shana Tabor & Camille Hempel

Man, Camille Hempel and Shana Tabor of In God We Trust are seriously two of my all time favorite ladies. Both holding it down on the strong awesome woman who rock front.
Camille [jewelry below] working in her beautiful studio on Wythe, you'll recognize it by the pink barn doors and vintage headlights, makes her mark with her ring designs. Her designs tend to transcend gender and are simply effortlessly classic and easy to wear.
And not to mention this woman rides motorcycles and drives a big body convertible with a vintage boudoir style sofa as the backseat.
Kinda my hero.
Now, Shana [In God We Trust Jewelry above] and are are kinda like two sisters who were separated at birth. We like the same periods, love the machine age and turn of the century americana.
We are both kinda jacks of all trades. Stores, jewelry, clothing (that's in my past)---you name it she and I can probably do it.
I have been a huge fan of what she does for a minute, and now with her Greenpoint store and studio, we have more of an excuse to pop in on one another.
Letterpress drawers, raw wood, stumps, leather, and bell jars.
She really makes me feel like I have less of an original idea, but you know what it really is?
We both just have excellent taste.
(big ups to those jeans and tights I got the other day girl!)
But what really sets this whole thing off, is our ability to be real tom boys.
And sometimes that means we cuss a bit too much.
So together--- Camille, Shana, and I make a hell of an ass-whoopin' team.

Point being, I am happy to introduce two of the most fabulous of Brooklyn designers, to my new shop at Limelight, opening May 7.