Friday, April 30, 2010

You Got Me Workin', Workin' Day & Night.

This is going to be a very wordy post so if your feeling antsy and ADD down below if you want to skip all this is a ton of pictures I haven't posted of the new store I am creating in Limelight Marketplace, which is seriously unlike anything you'll ever see. I mean sure is has some cheesy vendors like Havianas flip flops, ---sorry guys and gals and whoever you are out there. FLIP FLOPS WILL NEVER BE OKAY. They just aren't. But then again I get turned off by a flip flop even at the beach so maybe I have some abnormal and quite possibly hospitalizable problem with flip flops. And not even that, but flip flops on the grimey streets on this craptacularly dirty city, always flooding with odd trails of water in the gutters smelling of fish guts. Yeah, no flippy floppy-but CERTAINLY not in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or actually anywhere. Not even at Burning Man, okay? That's how strongly I feel about it.
And really expensive flip flops at that? Gimme a break. But again, that is just one mans opinion, so I am sorry if you rock (ESPECIALLY you dudes......wait, okay so maybe SOME very select individuals in the world, can wear flip flops...actually no one except for perhaps like 5 people can wear flip flops and it isn't a turnoff. But that's it.
[HA watch me sport some flip flops this summer.]
Anyway back to the point, which is Limelight. I am really excited for what we are bringing to the table there. From what I can see, not only do we have one of the largest (outside of a restaurant) space we are operating, but from what I can tell, one of the most involved and just breathtaking. There is still so much work to do, I just got home, (it is almost 9am) and was working since 9:00 this morning. The last photos I took were around 2pm, so a lot more was done.
I was promised some glass shelving in my cases so I left and got the majority of my merchandise and went back and there were no shelves.
I was pretty livid but to be honest-- Jonny really needed the help and I just really need to get in there and work on these cases.
Below you will find a bit of what we have been through day in and day out since last Friday.

This is Jonny and I this morning at 6:30 am. We were working for almost 24 hours straight. I actually passed out when I got home typing this blog post.
But now I'm BACK!

We are making progress!

The pictures above is our massive 3 day staining operation that rained half of it. That was an adventure. True grassroots style. Throwing wood over fences, trying to not get wood wet, to avoid electrocution or death by falling tarp. It was very surreal working under that thing. I felt like I was in Vietnam, but not really.
Anyway, I will keep you guys posted.