Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photography: Paul Barbera: Where They Create.

Predominantly interior and fashion photographer, Paul Barbera's project, Where They Create, is perfect for today's post because I was just asked to be featured in a magazine--showcasing where I create (aka my apartment).
This project is extensive and includes an impressive list of artists, graphic designers, artists, furniture makers, milliners and other creatives from The Netherlands to Hong Kong then back to Australia.

I included 4 pictures, all of people actually in the creative process, even though his interior shots are amazing as well. I like the candidness of his shots. Like you are catching a glimpse of something very intimate.
I also like how each group starts from the outside and works its way in.
You get a real sense of space and almost feel as if you were there yourself.
Traveling through various countries.
On today's schedule is cleaning and organizing my studio so I can actually start making some new stuff. A nice prelude to the work that lies ahead, and the photo shoot I will soon be having.
Happy Creating!