Friday, June 11, 2010

Absolutely Positively, Brooklyn.

5 star borough tree lined blocks
somewhere in the world brooklyn in da house
and you know we wont stop
s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g love cause that's our way
canarsie to marcy to sheepshead bay

sitting on the stoops just bed stuying
and doing and did it and no longer dying
from the 81 square miles of broken valleys
double dutch country
okee doked

native americans stomping ground
tin cup alleys
wicked bushes
ft green pastures
the brightest beaches
slope parks
congregating on the stoop after the lights go dark

cause that's our place of absolut style
of absolut grace
the stoops is where we kiss our first absolut kiss
create our absolut handshake
sitting on the stoops sucking our teeth

reminiscing of a good time
trying to find a heartbeat
see we got an excuse
you sly
ay tough guy talk
or what you looking at stare
or look where you walk
from the rasta men of flatbush
to the shepherds of graves end
sitting on the neighbors stairs talking about williamsburg hipsters are the new trends
it's not how we go in
but how we go at it

the talent is in the johnny poems
baristyle fishing habits

atlantic ocean daughters fathers and their borders
we drink our champion style right out the tap water
cause those stoops is where our legends are made
stick punch stub front page woffle ball played
hot peas and butter
word to mother may I please go

johnny on the pony playing coco leave yo
cuz stoked cobble stone those stoops made us what we are
mid whip doctors east new york office
coney island basketball superstars

in baseball we broke the color line of ingnorance with absolut dignity
county of kings standing on our brownstone throwns
from genesis to infinity
see we pull absolut rank
we are the absolut trendsetters
B-K don't get good, it only gets better
funky madina

crooklyn, usa
Brooklyn, the greatest country in the world--- if you're not in it, you're only in the way. **

Spike Lee links with Absolut Vodka to create a limited edition flavor (red apple and ginger) called ABSOLUT Brooklyn, and a short film with spoken word artist Lemon Andersen for their ongoing City Series.

**I couldn't find the lyrics for Lemon's, Somewhere in the World, Brooklyn in da House--so I stopped and stared the video above and I think I got pretty dang close.

Last night Kate, Lucas & I ventured out from under the security blanket of Williamsburg and into the beautiful DUMBO for the release of Absolut Vodka's limited edition collab with none other than the Brooklyn King himself, Mr. Spike Lee.
Now, as a New Yorker, we know all about some open bar parties.
But this one kinda takes the cake.
Maybe because it was an ode to Brooklyn?
They constructed a giant stoop and everyone was sitting on it.
The cups all said Absolut Brooklyn on them, so I got like 12 of those.
And that bottle! So fresh.
They were offering 3 drinks-my favorite being the Strawberry Slope.
And don't you think for one second that Spike Lee wasn't down and chilling.
Homeboy came correct with a sear sucker suit, summer fedora, and the illest round frame glasses I have ever seen.
We left the party in true Brooklyn fashion too.
Herb in hand, leading the soul train.