Thursday, June 24, 2010

Encore Magazine

Back on June 4th, Encore Mag's Caitlin Roche did a piece on us. And now, three weeks later, I'm remembering to post it to the blog. Blame summer.

Old Hollywood, situated on 110 Meserole Avenue in Brooklyn, offers a variety of vintage inspired jewelry, ranging from the reasonably priced to the one of a kind decadent accessory. Veronica fromOld Hollywood tells us why the store has what it takes to fashion itself as a mainstay in our wardrobes.

How did Old Hollywood come to be? What was the inspiration for this store?

The inspiration for the store came from all over. Obviously we look to designs from time past, finding inspiration in everything from medieval religious drawings to 19th century silhouettes to the now re-popularized modern aesthetic of the mid-century. And of course we continue to find inspiration in the creative community by which we’re surrounded, which helps us to expand the store’s identity.

Why the choice to sell vintage-inspired jewelry instead of vintage pieces?

The choice to primarily sell vintage-inspired jewelry (we do have some original vintage pieces as well) is partly practical, as it can be quite difficult to maintain a steady supply of high quality vintage pieces. But more than that, we want to support independent designers working today and be part of a creative process that links the past, present and future, rather than simply focusing on nostalgia. Some of the most exciting pieces we have are ones which re-work vintage pieces, for example, vintage buttons turned into rings (Nettie Kent) and engravings from antique sterling silver serving trays used for earrings and necklaces (Better Late Than Never).

Is there any sort of specific process used for deciding what items to buy/designers to buy from?

We don’t have a specific process for choosing the designs. It’s generally about the feeling we get from their line and how it fits into our aesthetic, and the quality of construction. We’re also conscious of price, as we want to have a range of items for all budgets, and on the process of creation – we source as many eco-friendly jewelry lines as we can (ex. the Old Hollywood house line and October Anniversary).

What do you hope to give your patrons?

We want to give our patrons the sense of stepping into a different world when they come to our store. It’s not just about a piece of jewelry, it’s about the whole vibe. A world that takes the best and most unique designs from across cultures and historical periods. We want to provide them with a one-stop shop for all their accessories and gifts, from grandma to best friend, and help them see that jewelry can be more than just beautiful – it can be playful, funny, dramatic, romantic, angry, tough – and to a certain extent, it can help you explore those different sides of your personality.

If you had one wish for the future of the store what would it be?

My wish for the store would be to see it become part of a larger Old Hollywood enterprise that works in many arenas of design. The store is unique in part because we have done everything ourselves, so we can assure quality at every step. We find a lot of beauty (and use) from things many people would have seen as junk, and that allows us to be more affordable than many, plus offer new ways of looking at everyday things – that’s a quality that can definitely transcend our store.”

The store is open from 12-7 pm Monday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday, items can also be purchased from their online store at