Monday, June 7, 2010

Kentuckians of New York Unite.

I went to my first ever Kentuckians of New York Association dinner on the roof of the New York Athletic Club. Breathtaking views of Central Park, and some guy from a neighboring building. Meow.
I can't say that I will be attending anymore of these events.
I think we need to start our own. Perhaps a Louisvillians of Brooklyn Association, cause lets face it. Pretty much all of the Kentuckians I know here are from Louisville, and live in Brooklyn. And us Louisville Brooklynites, are WAY different than the Eastern Kentucky Upper East Sider. And our events would be WAY cheaper, with less $1200 designer shoes and old people.
So lets all show up to the park with a picnic basket, a 40 and a bottle of Bulliet?
Let's celebrate our heritage!