Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Southern Invasion of the North

The following post was influenced by a recent article in our new subscription of
Garden & Gun.
Cause we are southern at Old Hollywood, and we like our Gardens, and our Guns.

Moving to Brooklyn from the “ dirty south ” also known as “ Hot ‘Lanta ”, I became fast aware that I either dragged my southern roots with me across the Mason Dixon line or like Alice in Wonderland, I have magically fallen into the southern rabbit hole of the north.

There is such a unique southern invasion that appears neatly laid in small corners and cracks of Brooklyn. The gentlemen of the north looking oddly like the “ sir’s ” of the south with their beards and boots; as if the Brawny man just jumped off a paper towel roll and is roaming free down Bedford Avenue. Places like Pies and Thighs serving you up some good ole southern food but your waiter sounding a little like he may have grown up in Jersey. Or Country Night every Monday at Union Pool where you can hear some pedal steel, southern twangs, coal miners daughter and Waylon Jennings- all strictly played on vinyl.

But every now and again, so I don’t become too comfortable, I am spewed out of the southern rabbit hole when I say “ yes sir ” or “ yes ma’am ” and people look at me as though I just cursed at them. Or when the lack of chivalry hits me in the face with a door I thought was being held for me by some dude who looks like the missing member of the Allman Brothers Band. That’s when reality quickly sweeps in and I realize that yes, there is a sweet southern influence that has nested here, but I still live amongst those damn Yankees!

A little of the south is harbored in all of us whether you were born a southerner or not. There is “ a hankerin’ ” in Brooklyn for green grass instead of sidewalks. Tall trees to climb instead of tall buildings to stare at and a backyard in which to drink beers and grill out with some good friends instead of a small fire escape in which you can only cram three friends and a George Forman grill. Brooklyn is doing what it can to keep that Dixie dreaming alive and well and this southern belle admires and appreciates the “ ma’ams ” and “ sir’s ” who are hard at work doing it.

[Written for Old Hollywood by Guest Blogger & Old Hollywooder, Lauren Baker.]