Thursday, July 1, 2010

R. Robots

Pen, Spray Paint, Marker, and acrylic robot maker Nick Kuszyk has had Williamsburg's attention for a while. About 4 years ago I saw his show at H.G. Wells Gallery (which I am pretty positive closed) where I bought 3 of his works. The show consisted mainly of small 12x9 or so simple paintings of robots on wood. Some larger more detailed ones splattered throughout.
What he created was a colorful mirage of cute little bots getting into all kinds of mischief. Look familiar? He has a giant bot infested mural on the side of The Bagel Store on Bedford and N.4th. It makes me happy to see street art that doesn't suck and no one would dare paint over.

(you can see one of his pieces in the science case at Old Hollywood in Limelight Market)
Check out his work here.