Friday, August 13, 2010

Pick of the Day: Kobo Soy Candles

If you want to really impress a good lookin' lady or lad, you need more than just the intoxication of that night's drinks. Well, Kobo Candles offers you the intoxication of deliciously subtle smells like "climbing honeysuckle" and "siberian cypress" to help you along.

And just to prove what a fine hearted young lad or lass you are, you can take that lull in the conversation to let your date know that these here candles are totally eco friendly. Made from domestically grown sustainable soybeans, they also use clean-burning cotton wicks. The husband and wife team developed the collection after 20 years of marriage. They chose house numbers of places they lived for each candle, and the scent and packaging of each one is inspired by their shared experiences at that particular place. Nothing like an eco-friendly love story to seal the deal.