Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Go on and feast your eyes on this dynamite duo! When these forces of nature combine they can have the awesome ability to
- attack anyone that trys to push you out of the 9:00 am L train into Manhattan
- stomp down all haters before they try and hate
- swoop in and royally destroy your phone before you make any late night drunk texts
and still find time to,
- track down all missing socks that get eaten by the mystical laundry mat machine
I mean, for real! what can these two not do?! You want these two on your side for sure. After taking a power animal quiz earlier I am happy to inform that I am a wolf! So all I need now is to find my eagle and we will be set to conquer all that might stand in our way!

On a side note...I am really hoping my eagle might be Daniel Day-Lewis...oh man, we would kill it!