Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bang Bang...


Dudes, you now have a voice with all these women gabbing on here... Since we are carrying a lot more vintage mens clothing and accessories, I am keeping my eyes open for anything I think is rad, and if you know anything that I dont speak on in the future lemme know.


Suits and sweaters and hats, all make me real happy especially when the whole city is falling deep into what seems to be a set of "There Will Be Blood" and not "River's Edge" dont get me wrong way into the latter, but I am and have always been a fiend for John Wayne movies and playing Cowboys and Indians. There's just something bad ass about that time period you got to make your own destiny, not to get carried away I know we aren't all shooting guns in McCarren or robbing banks, but you catch my drift.

These pocket watches remind me a lot of all the old west movies I've always loved, they look like the futuristic version of the Sheriff's watch in his palm waiting for the outlaws to show down in the middle of his town. This pocket watch is one of many awesome things from Tirana , the line also includes watch rings and bracelets and lots of saloon doors swingin' whiskey drinkin' accessories. Mount Up!


On top of all the crazy stuff we are carrying for your body, we are really stocking up on rad stuff for the home. Beetle & flor , is a company straight outta Crooklyn. Also on the wild west tip, they are making an array of animal skulls casted in plaster sporting gold fronts. They also make awesome jaw necklaces also sporting the gold. This line is way to sick.

It seems as though, the 80's to the 60's fashions are being seen less. Unless we are speaking the 1880's to the 1860's, From coast to coast people are getting back to the roots of America,
With cowboys hats, beaded necklaces/bracelets and lots of native prints everywhere I go. If this brings a smile to your face, you should probably come here immediately.

If you've been keeping up with us at all on the interwebs, then you've noticed that we are keeping up with the wild west in Brooklyn 100%. We picked up a new designer, Colombian native Sara Valencia Moreno. She is the nicest girl ever and responsible for making the handmade necklaces as well as amazing men and woman's ponchos. The ponchos are constructed of hand loomed wool, They remind me of something out of "Dances with Wolves", I want one real bad, and I rarely want anything. The Pancho in the picture is styled for a girl, but with out all these doo-dads it definitely looks rad on a dude. Ponchos are just one of my faves.
Long story short, we're bringing Brooklyn, California here all day everyday....