Friday, September 3, 2010

Trunk Shows! Lingua Nigra + Harlow in Chains

Whoa, do we have a special treat for all you lovely readers and NYC residents this holiday weekend! We have 2 absolutely incredible designers with us and we're so excited for you to be able to meet them and see their inspired collections.

First up at Greenpoint (99 Franklin St.) from 5-10pm is Lingua Nigra, where she'll be showing us many of her beautiful, organic pieces. As if that's not incentive enough, we'll be providing cocktails and snacks too!

(Lingua Nigra Necklace)

(Lingua Nigra Earrings)

Next up at Limelight (656 Ave. of the Americas) from noon-5pm will be Harlow and Chains. All of her pieces are handcrafted, one-0f-a-kind designs, so come early if you want in on the action! And if you've read our blog before, you'll know how much we heart this girl!

(Harlow hair clip)

(Harlow Necklace)

*Bonus! The following photos are of the above necklace and taken for "A Willesden Green Cabaret" series, styled by our very own Tiff Porter!