Friday, September 10, 2010

Trunkshow Tomorrow: Fancy Sexy Me & October Anniversary

Join us again this Saturday as our Summer Trunkshow Series winds down (only 2 more left after tomorrow!)
Complimentary beverages and treats served while you meet our amazing designers and enjoy discounts and a sneak peak at their new designs.

October Anniversary: 2nd Floor of the Limelight Marketplace

This was always one of our most daring lines. Mainly an over-sized ring line , with the exception of oh-so tiny charms strung on silk that you can wrap as friendship necklaces or bracelets. You know, the kind where you make a wish and wear until it frays away? Such a sweet reminder of our friends.
Their new collection strays away from the massive and leans more toward natures elements with playful variations of waves, twists, and swirls in the form of structured dome rings and little stack-ables. They also use recycled metals sourced from eco-friendly factories and donate 10% of their profits to Happy Hearts Fund, a non-profit organization that helps children who have been the victim of natural disasters. Certainly not to be missed.

Mr. T Necklace

Chuck Norris Necklace
Fancy Sexy Me: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I Pity The Fool who doesn't at least own one piece of hilarious jewelry that screams Brooklyn. This line isn't all fun and games though. The FUCK YOU knuckle dusters, and the brass knuckles necklace let us all know you mean business- and the prices let you still have enough money for Sunday Brunch. Easily worn by men and rocked by the right gal, you don't want to miss this bad-ass Brooklyn trunkshow.

As always you can mark your calendars via our facebook page!