Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alicia Ross "Hot Mess"

As my Lady Boy and I were roaming down Driggs, I caught an awesome sight in the corner of my eye. A giant installation in the back of a space I'd never been to or even glanced at. The installation was cool, but the pieces hanging on the walls were awesome. I'm a painter, and lately I've been so bored with all painting mine included. This might be why I was very happy to see Alicia Ross' awesome work, since she is working with needle and thread to make sick ass portraits. A new and improved take on needle point you could say.

Her show is on from October 22nd - November 21st at Black and White Gallery on 483 Driggs. Brooklyn, NY. 11211 If you you are into shit that is outta the box you need to check this show out. The installation in the back yard, resembles a junk yard and a plain crash gorrila glued to a Brooklyn back yard with a garden center piece. I thought the whole show was pretty rad. Then after looking into the artist a little bit more I realized that not only does Alicia do awesome fine art but also dablles in video and design. all of which she isn't to shabby in her execution.

I only posted a few pieces because you need to go and check this whole thing out with your own little peepers.