Monday, October 11, 2010

And God said, "Let there be life!"

The Girls at Domestic Construction are doing real big things, and people doing big things are exactly what we like. They recently asked Tiffany to help with there latest project Keep a Child Alive, Alicia Keys AIDS benefit for children in Africa. I ended up manning Greenpoint store. Well at least until I got a phone call from Tiff asking if i wanted to come and "see" all the baby work being done. Which turned out to be my good pal, Johnny Thomson and I poking wiring through baby heads, ripping heads off of babies, and attaching the franken-babies to chicken wire. All of this craziness in order to construct a huge dead baby mound. Below was only step one of an epic process to make the mound.

Then after I left to go back and tend to the store, I received a phone call from Tiff, asking if I wanted to help with the actual construction and building of the frame for the baby mound. I'm always up for working especially when its working on shit that is really cool, this project falls into that category "Really Cool!" . I went to the Domestic Construction studios got some materials and pretty much in the same motion left, called a car to take me to Bushwick. I arrived to find out that I wasn't working with some random dude, but the homie Ricky which was a relief. There was a grip of work to handle, Building the frame for the babies, then taking it apart in order to transport it. Then there was painting what seemed to be a million pieces of delicate particle board, that was mitered and basically had to be handled like a fragile piece of art. Overwhelming? No motivating, Tiff came through about 2:30 in the morning to help us dudes paint and figure out where to place pieces that had been painted to dry, and and and!!!

Look deep into this huge hallway and you can see that the 8 foot planks of wood painted and mitered deconstructed wall goes to the very end. This is what you call the drying line, all in all ton of work to do. The Team ( Ricky, Billy, Shae, and Tiff) handled it with grace and had it ready for 8:30 a.m. pick-up by 4:30 a.m. sharp. Work hard, Play Harder....

After sleeping and waking up and making breakfast and working on a carpentry job in Greenpoint, I met up with Tiff and who had also been working at the store. Ran home to cook a makeshift (whatever was in the fridge) dinner. Hopped on the train, destination Hammerstein Ballroom!

When we got there, I must say my cheeks rose and I got a big smile. The reason being, Sade sound checking and singing her damn head off. Pretty much a private concert in my head, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Not to often do I get to work with radical people, making radical shit and hear radical musical guilty pleasures. Back to the point though children, Tiff and I made a foliage assembly line and started pumping out these beauties below. I constructed the wooden bases out of reptile aquarium wood and Tiff made pretty pretty succulent, moss, grass arrangements that turned out bad ass and were used as the center pieces on all the tables at the Keep A child Alive event. Long days make big things happen.

Then on the night of the event , Tiff and I rounded up some good people who are also in the practice of working hard and playing harder ( Benny, and Brent ). We got there at midnight and just started breaking everything in all reality. Everything except the baby mountain, which might get bronzed! Super sick shit, everything went real smooth and we got 'er done. Then at the end of it all we had to haul a trillion things from the"shitty" or the city whatever you call it to BK. I wish there were pictures of the SUV's packed with all the excess stuff that needed to be brought back. Truly a funny sight, with packed cars and frustrated Northside drivers.

We will keep you posted on more big business behavior as it comes, come through and check out all the new arrivals for fall, and the growing men's section (Jewelry and Clothing).
Over & Out!