Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boys II Men: Motown Philly

Funny story about how this is on the blog today.
So the bodega next to the shop here in Brooklyn is pretty poppin'. It's like the Puerto Rican teen's dream place to hang out. You can illegally drink 40's on the sidewalk, harass your pit bull, and now you can even buy some spice.
That's right kiddos.
I have been rightfully spicing up my nights.
So, being a down right spice girl I made Shae watch some Spice Girls videos which led to a discussion on how bad 90's fashion was, which in turn led to us watching Boys II Men videos.
Time to break out the Roger Rabbit and the oversized cardigans and pleated pants (sike!)

Nonetheless, Boys II Men are like 1,000% better than the Spice girls.
Even though I still love the spice.