Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kinda Shabby....

So the past couple weeks, Tiff and I have been getting random M. Night Shyamalan blockbusters.
The first one was a bootleg we got from the place where bootlegs come from. Bootleg heaven if you will! This epic fail was called DEVIL in all caps just like that, I mean I had my doubts about 5 mediocre actors that I really haven't heard of ever trapped in an elevator with all sorts of Mr. M. Night's crazy antics happening, but we gave it a chance since it kinda looked scary. No not only was it completely not scary, but the plot of all these awful things happening in an elevator with a thief grandma, a security guard with a long rap sheet, and drunk driving hit and run artist and and and!!!!

The second movie was The Happening, that also seemed like it could be scary, but yet again Mr. M. Night let us down and offered the worst acting the worst plot and the worst worst worst...

Pretty amazing acting right, wrong. I remember when I sat in the theater and watched his first movie, it was real good and I wont deny it. Then I waited for his next thriller, Signs. Not so good, then came Unbreakable. I can't lie, this was pretty rad but only because of the kid in me that loves comics and and super heroes and villains.

Long story short, M. Night should probably squash his plan to become the next Steven Spielberg, since he will never make E.T. or Land Before Time, oh wait or Poltergeist and The fucking Goonies. And and and!!!!

Or maybe this is apart of my long lasting dilemma with life, that I am currently living in a period of life that wasn't made for my kind of folks. Now I just wanna watch The Gonies and Back to the Future!