Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make this house a home!

Not only are we thickening our mens clothing and accessories, but we are also upping the ante with some awesome new arrivals for the home. Which in this crazy city, we all know that even though we pay for our neighborhood and the amazingness happening all around us, it's nice to feel great when you open your front door and kick off your shoes at home. What we 're gonna do is introduce a new item every day for the next week showcasing all the fanatasmic gifts for you and people you like a whole bunch...

The amazing bell jars above, are cool for a lot of things, and epic pie tray, a display for all the cool stuff you've collected all these years, or even to display a rad makeshift city herb garden. You can really do a lot with them, you decide.

Hope you dig this and all the rad shit to come!!!