Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pt. II: October at Old Hollywood: Home Goods.

Fall is the beginning of a lot more time spent indoors in our apartments (or houses).
Time to find a cuddle buddy and figure out what the hell you are going to be for Halloween.
So whether or not your snuggling under the covers or carving pumpkins and cooking cidar on the stove, nobody wants to chill (or stay warm) in your busted up just got my first apartment. Even though you are 27 and have had, oh...somewhere between 8-15 apartments, none of which you lived in alone.
Point is, it's time to get the place in order!
Make that house a home!
Shae started this post off briefly earlier this week when he introduced you to the new bell jars with mirrored pedestals we just got, so I thought I would elaborate with a few of our other new items and ideas for your homes.

My much anticipated batch from Chronicle Books has come in.
It feels good to support an independent publisher, no matter how many times this order was messed up!

The phrase "home ec" recalls fusty visions of baking and sewing classes, but this illustrated guide showcases the movement's true foundations: applying scientific methods to domestic work. Compiled from a wide range of vintage sources, Home Economics is chock-full of thrifty tips, time-tested advice, informative charts, and tasty recipes that gently teach the art and science of housekeeping. Inside is a wealth of information on health and hygiene, shopping and cookery, furnishings and decor, cleaning and safety, and so much more.


Mirrored Pedestal Bell Jars:
Small: $88
Large: $100

Porcelain skulls with 16k lustered teeth by Beetle & Flor.

Anchors, puffins, ships, and bicycles. Such classic motifs lend just the right amount of nostalgic charm to any contemporary home in need of a little style and whimsy. The engravings are drawn from the book Pictorial Webster's by Johnny Carrera and are reproduced here on sumptuously heavy card stock with bold typographic letters. Includes 26 cards, one for each letter of the alphabet, suitable for framing or propping up willy-nilly.


Let's Bring Back
The Huffington Post's "Let's Bring Back..." columnist, Lesley M. M. Blume, invites you to consider whatever happened to cuckoo clocks? Or bed curtains? Why do we have so many "friends" but have done away with the much more useful word "acquaintance"? All of these things, plus hot toddies, riddles, proverbs, corsets, calling cards, and many more, are due for a revival. Throughout this whimsical, beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of nostalgia, Blume breathes new life into the elegant, mysterious, and delightful trappings of bygone eras, honoring the timeless tradition of artful living along the way. Inspired by her much loved column of the same name and featuring entries from famous icons of style and culture, Let's Bring Back leads readers to rediscover the things that entertained, awed, beautified, satiated, and fascinated in eras past.


These decanters and matching rocks glasses are etched with the gnarliest skull and cross-bones.
Perfect for the season, and squash-buckling bourbon nights of all kinds.
Or cider drinking.
Oh and what's up GLOBE!?
Kobo Soy Candles.
Old Typewriters.
Watercolors by The Wild Unknown.

See? Lots of things and ideas for making that cold NYC (or really sweaty) apartment, a nice warm and cozy, HOME.