Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This week I stumbled on a pretty cool artist known as SanJulian , his real name is Manuel Perez Clemente. He has long been a go to artist for Heavy Metal magazine, and has a huge collection with a vast amount of different subjects to interest most people. Maybe I'm just a sucker for really detailed slightly horror based paintings, then I start digging through his stuff and whether your a horror fanatic, classic movie buff, or even a history channel fiend this dude is painting shit your gonna like.

His palette is very rich and similar to the lighting and depth of say Rembrandt, but with even a little more spookiness, cool that I found this dude in October. Should inspire me a lot in this spooky month, since I'm in the process of working on executing a what seems to be an awesome idea in my brain and on paper for an upcoming art show hopefully, keep you ears open. I have been digging through the webs looking for all SanJulian's archive of radness.

Also something really cool coming up this weekend is the concert you should not even think about missing, now that I said that I will most likely be the one missing the Pierced Arrows, better known in earlier times as Dead Moon. They are thankfully playing two shows one which is on Oct7 at Knitting Factory and then the next night Oct8 at Mercury Lounge. If you live to Rock, enjoy Rolling and claim to be a bad ass you better be going to this gig.

This is no up and coming group of musicians. Fred Cole, the front man has been playing music as a career since 1964. He started "The Weeds" in 1965 and has basically been living rad ever since. He has played in a bunch of sick bands that if you enjoy good classic garage rock you've probably heard him. From 1987 to 2006 Dead Moon was his baby, and now with the help of a new drummer Fred Cole and his old band mate and friend Toody Conner are Pierced Arrows.