Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Old man winter is right around the corner people. Don't let this unseasonably warm week in NY trick you, he's coming and he's gonna make himself reeeeeal comfortable, real soon. These wool blend gloves are the perfect accessory to any jacket/hat/scarf combo to help keep you warm from winters chill. We've got them in a variety of fun colors and patterns in both stores.

Oh, and did I mention the black gloves have special, futuristic fabric on the tips of the thumb and index fingers that make them compatible with the iPod, iPhone, etc. You know what this means, right? No more frostbitten fingers! You'll never ever have to take your gloves off to change the song, answer your phone again or check emails. Warm and cozy, just how we roll!

ps. um, something crazy just happened here people...'Baby, It's Cold Outside' just popped up on my, I don't have a Christmas station on, I'm relaxing to the Billie Holiday station. Aaaand I titled this post before the song ever came on! Whoooa. My mind just exploded in excitement for the holidays and all the fun stuff we have up our sleeves here at the store for ya!