Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Industrial Strength

Fred Strawser and David Smith have an idea.
A larger than life idea.
A hard as nails, tough as concrete American idea.
That idea is called Strawser & Smith.
My California boy and I stumbled on their store on Driggs a few weeks back and were inspired to not only take on some welding classes, but some furniture projects to boot.
(errr...I'll keep you posted on the progress of that)

Some of the furniture pieces they are selling are OBVIOUSLY not for your average New York dwelling---but the prices aren't for your average New York resident, so hey. I guess if you are shopping at Strawser and Smith you might have a big place. Or a bigger place upstate. Perhaps a nice country cottage. Or a beach house on the west coast. I'm picturing you with the latest issue of Monocle and some very expensive horn rimmed glasses. You like lots of leather. Your living room smells reminiscent of the latest Tom Ford scent. You also enjoy a good Kobo candle in your bathroom. Of course, worth every cent. Handmade with steel and wood, to outlive you and yours.
Although they make a lot of their own stuff here, researching a bit I found out that they get lots of stuff from this company called Cleveland Art, located in LA.
Pulling inspiration from Industrial cities like Cleveland (duh) they have created their brand around Industrial American design. I highly recommend paying their website a visit, lots to drool over.