Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New From Lomography

I love taking tons of pictures.
It started when I was in high school to capture moments because as a kid I moved around so much. Making memories and friends became such a rapid fire movement I needed something to make the moments last. So naturally, I became the one who always had the camera.

Being a HUGE fan of things of yesteryear, Lomo was an answer to me making my photos also look old without using photoshop.
But goddammit if I can't shoot on 200. Give me some cool shit with 35 mm please.
Something a little harder for me to mess up.
When buying lomo for the shop, this was top on my mind.
These three cameras will give you amazing photos without the worry of whether or not you loaded your film right, or rolled it tight enough to prevent light leaks.
The mini Diana takes 35mm film! And for those of you, like me who bought the first re-release long ago, it has no flash or adapter so virtually impossible to take a picture. I recommend buying the mini Diana with Flash package immediately.
Colorsplash Chakras Edition
Re-cast your world in a gorgeous riot of colour! Snap up 35mm photos with this unique-looking little fella, and paint your images with a splash of colour, day or night! This special limited edition has been customized by Staple Design with a rubberized surface and Staple’s signature pigeon graphics.

Fire up your Fisheye fantasies with the new Fisheye camera! Eye-popping in a vibrant red outfit, and bundled up in a new special packaging featuring the friendly Furry Ghost!
Diana Mini & Flash
Get flashy with the Diana Mini! The Diana Family’s little plastic sweetheart is now bundled up with a Diana F+ Flash to keep you shooting your dreamy 35mm squares and half-frame in all lighting conditions.
Know what's even more rad?
When you purchase a lomo camera from Old Hollywood, you get a free 3-pack of Color Negative 400 35mm film.
Lomography is a light-grabbing sport! Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects, and low lights call for film that’s a little faster than your standard ISO 100 contender. But the last thing that Lomographers want to do is sacrifice any of their beloved Lomographic colours and effects for a little extra speed. To all of you plastic and multi-lensers, the dusk 'til dawners and hi-speed bocce match Lomographers – we’ve got you covered with Lomography’s own 400 Color Negative 35mm film!