Monday, January 17, 2011

Assisting Rad Living.

Yes, it is winter! No, this isn't an excuse to wear weak shit out on these streets.
T-Pain, Lolo, and myself went to "Accessories the Show" and continued in stocking up on awesomeness for you boys and girls.
As I walked down the first few isles I began to wonder if I made the right choice by coming to this gathering of consumers. Then We came across a company that is making these bad ass bags, Rad Ass if you will!

We bought 4 or so different styles, all of equal greatness to the 2 pictured below.
Whether you pee squatting on a curb or in a bush outside the bar, your gonna want one of these to hold all the pointless things you collect in the average day and the crap you've been carrying around for years. They will be in the last week in January, and if you dig, you might wanna swoop one sooner rather than later. Not on a gimmick sales tactic tip either, we've been getting cool stuff and watching cool stuff go out the door right as it goes out on the shelves. Good for us, bad for you!

This weekend when your trying to figure out ways to burn your bread, think of this radness I found in Kentucky while me and tiff were running with our heads cut off to find cool shit. Cufflinks, money clips, and tie pins are only a few things that are about to be sitting on the new Men's Dept. shelves. It isn't hard to keep your A game with the threads and doo-dads to bring the spice to your gear.
Way, way, way more to come, just cant give it all up right at once. Keep your eye on the prize.