Monday, January 31, 2011


A nod to 21st century romance...

HILARIOUS! I haven't seen much of this show Delocated on Adult Swim, but I need to and I'm going to catch up with it thanks to all the snow and the hibernation mode I've succombed to. If you have a sick, twisted sense of humor like myself and liked Wonder Showzen (same producers, yay) you might love it too. Word on the street is they're getting a 3rd season. Woot!

A little background for those of you catcher-upers, John Glaser plays a man in the Witness Protection Program, on the lam with his family from some mobsters he testified against in court. He moves his family to NYC to star in a reality TV show, complete with balaclavas 24/7 to protect their real identities. Let the ridiculousness ensue!