Monday, January 3, 2011

New from Izola

Well I think we were waiting on this order for about 4 months but better late than never!
One of my all time favorite purchases from the NYIGF this past August were these soaps and canvas shower curtains from Izola. As I told people about my excitement over a batch of shower curtains for my store (that sells nothing bathroom related) had them perplexed, but now don't you see!? These are the most wonderful shower curtains in all of the land. And who is to say they have to be shower curtains? I think they would make lovely door replacements or window curtains as well.
I have 3 beautiful styles:
-B0y Scouts
And the soaps!
I have 3 styles of those as well. Each with a wonderfully printed box and packaging with corresponding words stamped into each bar. I can't decide on favorites.
Canvas Shower Curtains: $55
Soaps: $19

We handcraft and wrap these authentic soaps in the style of fine 18th century toiletries. This old world triple milled recipe is an all vegetable base with the moisturizing benefit of olive oil.

An Environmentally Sensitive Soap:
Soaps are made with vegetable oils and are free of animal testing. Raw materials are domestically sourced. We print with soy based inks on post consumer recycled paper. Made with Organic Oatmeal.

The ingredients in our milled soaps are:
Vegetable Soap base, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Essential Oils/Fragrance.