Friday, January 28, 2011


The fair city of NYC got a load of snow dumped on its grimey face on Wednesday and all through the night. It was snowing 3" an hour, so if you were out on the streets that night and tried doing anything I am sure you have a similar story to ours.
Came out after being at the Commodore for a few hours and it was madness. The car got stuck so we abandoned our driver to his own shoveling and made the trek through knee deep piles back to the house.
Perfect snowball packing snow.
It's like trudging through a giant bowl of mashed potatoes. With a fair helping of gravy in some places.
I have never seen this much snow!

You can really see how much we got when you look in the back yard at the piles on the tables and chairs. My moped is buried in there somewhere. Not good.