Thursday, January 13, 2011

We out here!

The snow doesn't suck when you have a basement with enough tools to build a few new things to display way more than a few new things in the almost finished men's room.

Like this bad ass sun dial that doubles as a compass for those of you who are chasing wind in a boat and those of you who cant afford an iphone in this big scary city to navigate and get to the boring parties your friends throw just the same. We out here!

Sundial Compass/Box

3" Flat Compass
Now for those of you with aspirations and hopes to be amazing, we've got you covered with the inspirational imagery to adorn the walls. Whether your trying to start a revolution or finance one while drinking wine and touchin' french skin. These two men are your dudes. Get there people.

George & Ben
$24 ea.

While you're taking over the world, (fashionably of course) things could get stressful and disorganized. To prevent things like loosing your precious stash of herbs and gold,
you probably wanna cop one of these etched scrimshaw bone dresser boxes for 40 bones.

Just a few more things that we're getting out on the shelves, come by see with your own two peepers. Over and out!