Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Nothings

Stuffed animals, lame. Candy, fattening. Chocolates, boring. Flowers, over rated...ok now that is a blatant lie, flowers are always perfect. Always. However, these Sweet Nothings charm necklaces by In God We Trust, amazing.

Gentlemen, you know you've got a cool chick on your arm this year. So please, spare your lady love the typical cornball, Valentine's Day related presents and show off your sense of humor instead with one of these hand etched brass pendants. They are anything but sweet...except for 'with love'. That's actually really sweet.

They are funny (oh hi 'fuck buddy'), for sure. A little raunchy (ie. kiss me where i pee), totally. Equally perfect for all your single besties ('really fuckin cute'), check. Share the love.

We've got 15 different phrases to choose from so order now to make it in time for V-Day!