Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Spring: Morse Code Necklaces

These delicate and unique necklaces by Portland (Oregon) designer COATT are expected to arrive early Spring.
I see loads of jewelry, but not morse code.
So I started researching a little, and yes---there is other morse code jewelry, but this is the best. Little gold fill or sterling silver tubes and beads strung on thin silk string. Ideal for everyday wear and they have clasps so you don't have to wear them to the ground.

I like that unlike our popular Sweet Nothing necklaces from In God We Trust that blatantly say Fuck My Face you can be more discrete with your secret messages. Layer both necklaces together for fun. Cause lets face it kids, I work to much and that is fun to me.
Some Old Hollywood exclusive's are Fuck Buddy, Me and You, and some others I can't remember right now.
And of course we got the must haves like Lover, Love Me Do, and Mom for all you lovelies.
Look for them in the new Coming Soon category I am about to add to the shopping site.

Love me Do